Monday, October 15, 2012

New role …

Recently started a new position, as a VMware guy in a managed service provider.

There are various challenges involved (mainly process oriented), but one challenge is scale. It’s a much larger environment than I had previously administered.

So, it means different ways of doing things, and makes me appreciate more the value of automation and the use of PowerCLI.

Problem is, I suck at coding. Always have, always will. But still, I feel I need to do it to make the role manageable. So, I’m going to start posting some bits and pieces I’ve been writing to try and help me and solve problems as they arise or as I see them. The code will almost invariably suck, but hey ho.

I use a lot of the “standard” resources. Google, Alan Renouf’s site, the PowerCLI book (I have it through my OReilly Safari account). Pretty much anything I do has (almost certainly) been done before (and better), but future entries will have some of my dabblings (primarily for my reference).

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